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Dear Friends,

After 33 years on Granville Street we are having our first sale. It will also be our last. Once our inventory is sold, the store will close. I’ll bet you’ve heard that story before somewhere. “Carpet Store has Going Out of Business Sale!” Stop the presses! Well, this one you can take to the bank. No funny business. Just good rugs at very good prices.

Since the 1970’s, when I began collecting and selling handmade rugs, until the present day, I have sought out the best pieces available, traveling down dusty roads and alleyways in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and China in search of good material. I have attended hundreds of auctions in major centres worldwide. Along the way I have made some wonderful relationships with suppliers and customers, the aspect of the business that I’m sure to miss the most.

Prices on every rug in the store, including antique pieces, have been reduced significantly. Many carpets will be sold below cost. I will be offering several rare antique pieces from my own collection. If there is a rug you have had your eye on or you just want to take advantage of some truly great prices, please come in.

I will continue to be involved with our cleaning and repair business- Tolliday Carpet Services. Please be assured that your carpets will still be cared for with the same close attention as in the past.

I look forward to seeing you.

Peter Tolliday

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